Wednesday, July 08, 2015

When the BF runs the show

The BF is always with me on Market Days, but this particular day my daughter had a dance performance and that was my top priority. I had opted to not do the market, but Nate assured me he would do the market and would be just fine.  I reluctantly agreed, and made sure every item was properly priced, showed him the credit card swiper and left him to do the hustling for the day. 

Well.....he totally kicked my ass. My top sales, hustling skills, styling tricks ---- he knows them all. He hasn't just been sitting in the sidelines this past year just drinking bloody marys and watching me, he totally has been learning. From what the other vendors told me, he was cat-walking, flirting, holding clothes up to himself and working his thing. Dangit, this is when you wished you had a shop cam to see whats up.

He did have an upper hand on things guy with a beard and tattoos in the Gypsy Tent?...girls are totally game for that. BUT, needless to say he killed it in the tent and did a fantastic job. Now the issue is, who works what shift?


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