Thursday, August 06, 2015

Chasing Down Edward

I had a fun afternoon with Mandee Rae adventuring in the forest...well, the trail right by her house. But seriously, the trees and the lighting I swear Edward was going to swoop by any moment. As we dodged horses, climbed tree stumps and hiked within the fallen trees we landed ourselves a piece of PNW magic.
Mandee and I have a ton of surprises up our sleeves, stay tuned for whats next with this amazing talented babe.
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Shown: Journey Kimono // bymisha + vintage Harley Tee and Levis // Gypsy Tent  + Shoreline Necklace // bymisha + Cactus Necklace // Capable Father  +  Shell Bracelet // Soul Makes  +  Booties // DEAR MILU  +  vintage hat  + Moonbeam Dream // bymisha

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