Thursday, June 25, 2015



Collaborative shoot with Caitlyn Jackson  // IG @caitlynjacksonphoto
Styling/Dreams: bymisha
Leather Bags: Kona Wild Child 
Location: Parsons Gardens


Messy Hair. Don't Care.

Gypsy Tent Vibe || Shown:
Tunic // bymisha  +  Shorts // Lucky Brand  +  Boots // Minnetonka  +  Turkish Jewels // bymisha  +  Pearl Macrame Bracelet // Pearl.Love.Jewelry  +  Oversized Moonstone Ring // gypsalove  +  Dream // bymisha

iPhone Capture : The BF

Friday, June 19, 2015

Behind the scenes - Bright Lights

Adventuring to a new location is always top on my list. I headed off to Georgetown to meet a crew of girls and I haven't met in person. Sketchy? I think not, that's how we roll on IG.  With a last minute location switch to a dark eclectic bar that looks like you have walked into a movie scene called The Mix, and our Team of Talented Babes -- we created Bright Lights. 

Heather Reese is a straight shooter photographer with an edgy artistic flare and I could not wait to collaborate with her. She brought along the most amazing talented lighting director that made each shot serious perfection. Our model, Ashley was outfit changing in the darkness with no hesitation or questions with the perfect amount of gold painted on from Brittany.  Ending the shoot I felt dirty but in a good way, and heck thats how we all like to roll. Looking forward to seeing the final images. In the meantime, go get yourself a little dirty and be adventurous babes..


Heather Reese : Photographer
Ashley Dobson : Model
Brittany Kaye : MUA
April Staso : Lighting Director
bymisha : Styling + Dream 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

When you have to explain its a Romper

Rompers. The girls easy version of a an outfit already planned. No matching, no planning, just pull up and go. My kinda wonderful.
Lets just say, when the BF first saw me wearing one, he quickly asked, "What is that?" (with eyes glossed over and as big as saucers) and now he definitely knows what a romper is.
Girls you need one, or maybe even a few. Guess what?...We have them in the Gypsy Tent.


Shown: romper//bymisha + boots//DEAR MILU + dream//bymisha + belt//vintage + turkish jewelry//bymisha  +  pearl macrame bracelet//  +  druzy ring//gypsalove

iphone captures: The BF <3

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Behind the scenes - Magik

Magik is a collaborative shoot with one of my favorite photographers, Caitlyn Jackson. She is a "say as you mean it" spunky photographer that never takes a darn thing serious....even when her brand new lens drops on the ground and falls apart. Caitlyn contacted me a while back talking about her dream location and gorgeous model and asked if I was interested in styling it. After one look at her stunning model Tuesday, with no hesitation I said yes!! Scheduling interfered with the location and we found ourselves at the top of Queen Anne in Parsons Gardens. The teeny little tucked away oasis is an absolute gem, you swear you might see a garden fairy flying by any minute. 

Our afternoon consisted of dodging a very over fed cat, which he must be the park mascot as he was very comfortable making himself at home....everywhere.  Hence, the kitty photobombs. Thank goodness I had my assistant, Miss Delia and she helped keep the fluffy cat out of the way.

With reminding Tuesday to "shut her mouth" (she talks when she is super nervous), teaching her how to twirl, to changing in the car and not making eye contact with the weird guy sitting in his car reading , to avoiding the overfed kitty it was a fun filled afternoon with a tons of laughter and silliness. From the images that have been released from Caitlyn, we created something special. The lighting is perfect and there is the perfect glow that surrounds being SO stunning helps a bit too. 

Looking forward to working with these girls again. In the meantime, magik will be dropping soon...


Photographer: Caitlyn Jackson Be sure to follow her on IG 
Clothing/Styling/Dreams: bymisha
Leather Bag: Kona Wild Child
Location: Parsons Gardens

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