Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Falling for Fall

 >> Happy Fall <<

 This is my first ever Fall experience and might I say...
it's freakin' awesome!! 

As a newly planted PNW resident, I cannot believe the gorgeous surroundings that I actually get to live in. Every color, every leaf and every beanie I must wear. Each layer that I get to add on to an outfit is like another layer added to cake...you just can't have enough. Excuse me while I kiss the trees.

This trail was my go-to place when we first moved here, and thought it was most fitting to capture the beauty of the Season.

Pink Floyd Tee: www.shopbymisha
Boots: vintage Frye
Gypset Necklace: www.featherandskull.com
Skirt: vintage 
Sweater: Feather and Skull gypsy tent (Fremont Sunday Market)
Socks: target

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This is what happens when the BF has the Canon.

With this new venture of blogging, I quickly came to the realization that a fantastic photographer is not following my every step of the day. My trusty Canon that I love, is now being handed off to the BF as he is the closest thing I will get to a personal photographer. He is guided through a brief description of what I am going for...then bite my tongue as he starts shooting. Honestly, I never know what to expect when the photos are uploaded and hold my breath and hope for the best. 
After cropping, edits and picking at every detail of my body. Here they are..

Moroccan Kimono, Sandalwood Mala, Turkish Jewelry: www.shopbymisha.com
Arrowhead ring: www.featherandskull.com
Arrow hand wrap: www.wrenandglory.com
Sweater: jcrew
Denim: Sold Denim Lab
Boots: Sam Edelman

Monday, October 06, 2014

Kimono & The Burbs

Early Saturday I decided to throw on a favorite Kimono and do a morning shoot in the middle of our street. I'm sure we caused much talk that morning, but hey....anything for that morning light.

Kimono, Chaser Tee, Sandalwood Mala, Turkish Jewels : www.shopbymisha.com
Arrowhead rings : Feather & Skull
Pearl bracelets : Pearl Love Jewelry
Leather coin bracelet: SoulMakes
Leggings : Target
Boots : Vintage

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