Wednesday, May 27, 2015

American Rebel

American Rebel Tee // Chaser + Vagabond Skirt // bymisha + Booties // Sam Edelman + Pearl Bracelets // Pearl Love Jewelry + Druzy Ring // gypsalove + Charm Bracelet // Soul Makes  Jewelry  + Peruvian Bracelets, Turkish Jewelry // bymisha + The Rider Belt // jay.nicole (also in the Gypsy Tent) + Dreamcatcher // bymisha

Puyallup Farmers Market Vibe.
iPhone capture: The BF


Fringe Me

Fringe Vest // bymisha + Tunic // Freepeople + Boots // vintage + Crystal Necklace // Gage Huntley + Druzy Ring // gypsalove + Boots // vintage + Turkish Jewelry // bymisha

Fremont Gypsy Tent Vibe.
iphone capture: The BF


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On Saturdays we wear Pink

Bali Tunic//bymisha + Fringe Necklace// + Kelebek Necklace//bymisha + Boots//Dear Milu + Arrow Pin//vintage

iPhone captures: The BF


Friday, May 15, 2015

Gypsy Dreams


Photography: Will G. Macneil || IG @willgmacneil
Styling: Malia Michelle
Threads: bymisha


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Behind the scenes ↣ Gypsy Dreams

The move to the PNW has been the most rewarding and challenging things I have done personally and business wise. In the beginning, the most difficult part was making new contacts. Basically you are starting all over again with models, photographers and brands to work with and at times can be really daunting and overwhelming. I must say, as crazy as it sounds instagram has been the biggest tool to connect with like-minded artists. 

Will G. Macneil reached out to me a few weeks back via instagram and wanted to see if I was interested in a doing a collaborative project. First of all I was extremely flattered, and secondly his editorial photography? GORGEOUS. Of course I said yes! Then come to find out, he is a new transplant to Seattle as well. Lets just say it was meant to be.

With scheduling and weather mishaps, we finally connected this past week and created a dreamy/etherial shoot.  Our model, Maddy Wallace was our rockstar of being barefoot and skipping through the terrain and braving outfit changes in the the misty 50 degree weather. You would never know we were dodging joggers, guys gawking at Maddy and avoiding crowds of children.

Gypsy Dreams launches tomorrow and I cannot wait to work with this team again.

Photographer: Will G. Macneil 
Check Will out on IG @willgmacneil
Model: Maddy Wallace
Location: Ravenna Park


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sucka for a Harley Tee

I have a huge addiction to Harley Tees, my collection is can you say over-abundant? There's just something about wearing them that brings out that bad-girl vibe  (we all have it) and makes you feel like you can conquer the world.
The Gypsy Tent has a vintage collection and that includes re-worked band tees and of course harley tees. Usually when I am out on the quest vintage shopping for the Gypsy Tent, I have to keep detached to all of my finds. If not, absolutely nothing will make it to the Gypsy Tent. Everything that is hand picked is something that I would totally wear myself. Do you see my dilemma??
BUT....on a particular vintage shopping day I had a huge score on a ton of tees, and as always kept myself detached. Came home that night and showed the BF my loot, he pointed out a Harley Tee from Kona, HI (my home town) which first of all how did I miss that??? Well, needless to say I became attached...

Shown ---> Harley Tee // vintage + Denim Bells // Level 99 + Turkish Jewelry // bymisha + Druzy Ring // gypsalove + Bracelets // Gage Huntley + Boots //vintage

iPhone captures : The BF


Friday, May 08, 2015

The Sky is Calling

My mini and I have a once a week Girls Day. It's our time to recharge and reconnect with each other as busy schedules always take that away from us. The afternoon adventure usually consists of a new sight to see, coffee, treats and did I say treats? This particular day we adventured to Steel Lake Park and made it just in time for the epic sunset. Lets just say the Sky was Calling....and I couldn't resist an iphone shot via Miss Delia.

Shown -->> Not So Basic Tunic + Turkish Belt + Fringe Sweater // bymisha + Booties // Sam Edelman + Hat // Target


Tuesday, May 05, 2015


Having a souring spirit and feathers guiding you to your next venture is exactly what the Gypsy Tent is all about. You never know whats around the corner and you're always looking for the next trinket that sparks an interest. Welcome, the Vagabond Maxi Skirt. She is flowy and simple, but yet complex and full of intrigue. Wear it belted or not. Graphic tee or crop tank. Boots or barefoot. Knotted at the hem or not. Anything goes. She wants to wander and explore.


Shown: Graphic Tee // Chaser Brand + Vintage Belt + Vagabond Skirt // bymisha + Boots // Dear Milu  + Gypsy Jewels //bymisha

Iphone captures: The BF

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