Thursday, November 05, 2015

A Little Recap of Our Market Daze in Puyallup

The Puyallup Market was a last minute decision to take on, but boy am I glad we did it! We met some amazing Babes and I loved the fact that we had made a connection with our rad little town.

As you may have already heard, we are expanding the brand to a storefront..MiSHA. Lets just call her the Love Child of it all. Expected opening will be on December 1st, and we are thrilled to be located in historic downtown Puyallup. To be added to our mailing list so you can stay in touch with events, specials and of course the opening day details, please go to: VIP LIST

The Gypsy Tent Capsule Collection will continue doing the Puyallup Market next season...but in the meantime, catch a glimpse of what we had going on in the tent.


Summer Daze

When the Dreams want to be in the shot

Finished the Market at the Tacoma Brew Fest

This is how the Beard does things

Day of the Crazy Wind Storm

Miss Katie 

The Bearded Wonder

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